Sunday, September 29, 2013

Hit and Run Driver Thought No Body Was Looking…

At a first glance, this incident looks rather trivial in comparison to some of the other marvels that we encounter on a daily basis on Russian roads; the camera-equipped car slows down before a sharp turn with another car smashing into it from behind. Nothing to see here, right? Not so fast…

Remember, this is the wild, wild west of the automotive world and thanks to the profusion of dashboard-mounted recording devices in the country, we have the opportunity to see what really happened from a car that was following on from behind.

As the video switches to the other car's camera, we see a black-colored, older generation Mazda6 speeding on the road and crashing into the first vehicle. We also see that its driver never stopped and continued on his way like nothing ever happened…

Here's hoping that authorities watched this video and are going to place the driver of the Mazda where he belongs.

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