Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Get a Car for Half Price on eBay This Week

In the market for a new car and have cash ready to go? You might want to check out a joint promotion between eBay Motors and AutoNation, the largest group of U.S. car dealerships.

From now until March 30th, AutoNation is celebrating the launch of AutoNation Direct by selling vehicles from Ford, General Motors, and Nissan for half off. That’s right, 50-percent off. We took a look over one of the auctions to see what the catch is, and there really isn’t one. There’s no financing involved, so it’s a cash deal only, and upon winning the auction you have to pony up $500 via PayPal. A full payment of the vehicle must be made within three days of the deposit.

Four vehicles appear randomly every day, so you have to keep your eyes out on their auction page. Most of them have been sold within minutes, including a Chevy Volt for $22,615. AutoNation will apparently finish off the promotion with a 2012 Corvette at half off.

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