Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Mouse that Roars: Custom Lotus Exige with 680rwhp is Insane

Custom Lotus Exige with 680rwhp is Insane

Lotus has always designed sports cars that are fast, light and handle superbly. The fact that most its models fall into the flyweight category eseentially eliminates the need for extremely powerful engines.

But not for one Lotus owner who wasn't content with his stock Lotus Exige. Enter the world of Frank Profera from California.

After six years of constant development and numerous upgrades, Profera and his team have tweaked the British sports car's 1.8-liter twin-turbocharged engine to the point that it currently pushes 680-horsepower at the wheels (which means 700hp or more at the crankshaft).

At the same time, the coupe's weight stands at a very low 2,150 pounds (975 kilos). We don't know if it’s the fastest Lotus –that title probably goes to Hennessey's 1,200hp Lotus-based Venom GT – but it's surely one of the runner ups.

You can watch the Exige in action in the video from Drive after the jump.

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