Wednesday, December 26, 2012

This electric car spells the end of parking dings, self esteem

Humanix is a group of students at Japan's Hiroshima University who want to build a car that is kind to humans. What they've done, at least with this car, the iSAVE-SC1, is build an EV that is kind to the Earth and mankind, though a nemesis to self-respect.

The body of the three-wheeled electric vehicle is covered in strong, air-filled cushions that can absorb the impact of collisions. The unlikely combination of build materials and this being a university project, that fact that it looks like a casting leftover from Cars 2 isn't surprising.

We don't read Japanese and the trike can get up to 50 kilometers per hour, so we aren't sure if the cushions can keep everything damage-free at top speed. Were it manufactured, the suggested retail price is estimated to be about $9,300, but if you bought it, parking lot fender-benders would never be a concern of yours again. Neither would a date. You can watch it fulfill it's mission of being kind to humans in the video below.

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