Friday, December 28, 2012

CAR Magazine Puts Together a Motley Crew in its Search for the World’s Best Car

Car of the year is so old hat; picking the world’s best car, on the other hand, is quite an ambitious undertaking. It’s an intriguing one, too, and probably that’s the reason CAR magazine decided to go ahead with it for their December 2012 issue cover story.

We bet the editors had a difficult time trying to narrow down the finalists to a reasonable number. In the end, they came up with five cars from different segments.

There’s a luxury SUV, a four-door, four-seat supercar, two luxury saloons and a two-door, four-seater supercar.

Trying to choose from five very different types of cars is like comparing apples to oranges. On second thought, it might actually make some sense: by choosing the best in its class and pitting it against the rest, you are not only comparing vehicles; you are comparing different segments, too. 

This, inevitably, brings up the whole "apples vs. oranges" debate again and so on and so forth ad infinitum.

Although you will have to buy the mag to learn the winner, you can watch the five finalists in the video that follows the break.

By Andrew Tsaousis

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