Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Lada Driver Loses it when he Finds a Chevrolet Aveo Blocking his Parking Space

One of the most annoying experiences for a motorist is when another vehicle blocks your car, and as we recently saw in Greece when peeved drivers overturned an Audi A3 hatch, this can often lead to violent actions.

In the following incident that was filmed by a resident from a nearby house, the driver of a classic Lada saloon found his car blocked by an illegally parked Chevrolet Aveo Sedan.

The man evidently tried to call the owner, then headed over to the adjacent building to see if the driver was inside visiting someone, and even started shaking the Aveo to set off the alarm, but to no avail. So he then decided to take matters in his own hands. See what happened next in the clip after the break.

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