Saturday, February 23, 2013

Show Us Cars with a Face Only a Mother Could Love

Let's face it (pun intended); looks, beauty and taste are subjective concepts. What one person finds attractive, someone else will view as average or even worse, but there are some things that the majority of people will agree upon.

For example, most people found the Pontiac Aztek's face aesthetically repulsive, while countless words have been written about the BMW 7-Series' (E65) droopy snout.

The jury on the new Jeep Liberty-replacing , 2014 Cherokee's distinct fascia is still out, however, the signs aren't promising for the Chrysler Group's mid-size SUV…

Naturally, with so many different cars made around the world, there are plenty of controversial designs. We took the Liberty (again, pun intended) to share some photos of cars with divisive or just plain ugly faces.

What we're asking from you, is to submit your own pictures (or tell us about it in the comments and we'll do our best to find and upload them in the post) of models with bizarre or atrocious looking front ends.


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