Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Designer Dreams of Alfa Romeo 6C Sports Coupe Concept to Rival Mustangs and Stingrays

Alfa Romeo's comeback with the 4C coupe at the Geneva Motor Show next month is a welcome move from the Fiat-Chrysler alliance, but it's only a single model and a limited production one at that.

If the Milanese firm is serious about catching up with the rest of the world, and by that, we mean German, Japanese and even American carmakers; its needs to follow up with more proposals, and especially ones that capture the hearts and souls of car enthusiasts.

Automotive design student at IED Torino Alex Imnadze has just what the doctor ordered with a new conceptual model named the Alfa Romeo 6C that he dropped into our email box earlier today.

Imnadze, who we first heard about on Carscoops through his work for a Lamborghini GT study, dreamed the 6C as a classic sports car with a front-engine, rear-wheel drive configuration, designed to compete with American muscle coupes like the top editions of the Ford Mustang (think Shelby), Chevrolet Camaro and even the new Chevrolet Corvette Stingray.

He says that he was inspired by the shapes and lines of production models like the 1948 Alfa Romeo 6C and the modern 8C Competizione, as well as contemporary concepts such as Pininfarina's 2uettottanta.

Hop over the break to check out the pictures in more detail and tell us what you think about the concept and how it could be realized in the comments below.


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