Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Honda GEAR Is The Subcompact Honda Has To Build

This year's Detroit Auto Show was all about Acuras instead of the core brand, but the Japanese clearly didn't want to leave North America without giving us a new Honda. They choose the Montreal International Auto Show for their premier, so go ahead and blame Canada for getting the first peek at a future we hope Honda embraces.

Designed by Honda's Advanced Design Studio in downtown Los Angeles, the GEAR Concept is a subcompact hatchback aimed at the fashion conscious Gen-Y costumers. Appereantly, it was inspired by fixed-gear bicycles. While I can't see the resemblance, the intentions are clear: Honda wants to give the world a trendy, customizable city car that also keeps being practical and most importantly, affordable for young people. We hope they plan on keeping the Pagani-style quad exhausts as well.

That's all we know so far, and with no interior shots or technical data, it's save to say this show car is just the first step in the right direction for Honda. Still, a pretty brave one. Could this be the car the Honda CR-Z definitely wasn't? A glimpse of the next or next-next Honda Fit? Sound off below.


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