Friday, January 18, 2013

This is Not Something You Want to See in Front of You on a Highway….

We know what some of you may be thinking; "Ah, another crazy day in Russia". Well, if you are, you're wrong, because this dashcam footage was filmed on a highway in Las Vegas.

And while it was an extremely close call, the kind where if one minor detail would have been different, the person driving the vehicle would have been either seriously hurt or even killed, the retired police officer and former race car driver and airline pilot (among other things), who we come to know under his YouTube alias Sidewinder, lived to tell the tale.

In his own words from the YouTube account, this is how it went down:

"Going along I-15 in Las Vegas when the traffic came upon a Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT) portable sign truck that has stopped in the middle of the left lane. Traffic is moving 65-70 MPH and starts locking it down."

"I'd just cleared a semi truck to my right and could see the traffic coming to a halt. I didn't have enough room to get back into the lane to my right so I started braking and watchin my rear. Could see the truck come along side to my right and suddenly he locked up the brakes and swerved left cutting right in front of me as his trailer tried to jack-knife. By this time we are down to about 50 MPH and he didn't miss my front end more than two feet if that much. Now I was worried about the trailer as I could not see it. Suddenly the trailer appeared and the back set of wheels appeared to jump up and across my right fender."

On his personal blog, Sidewinder wrote: "Luck, ... without question. Divine intervention ... I'd like to think I'm a favored son." So true…

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