Wednesday, January 30, 2013

It's Good to be Alive: Incredibly Lucky Pedestrians

Not that life is easier for pedestrians residing in Russia and its neighboring countries during warmer seasons, but understandably, it's far more dangerous to try to walk across any road in the harsh winter weather conditions.

Here were have two separate incidents involving pedestrians and cars, with a fortunate outcome, at least for the former.

In the first video, a woman (?) was dashing through a zebra crossing when the pedestrian light was red. At the same time, a taxi was approaching. Fortunately, the cab driver was paying attention to the road (though, he should have been more cautious when approaching the crossing) and with a quick maneuver, he dodged the pedestrian.

The second clip sees a woman and her two children being spared by a car that was t-boned by another vehicle purely by luck. Watch both videos below.

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