Monday, January 21, 2013

U Spy: Can You Crack the Brand and Model Behind this SUV Prototype?

Our first reader-sourced, photo scoop of the year comes to us from Daryl who crossed paths with this heavily disguised test car earlier on Monday.

Here's what Daryl told CarScoop:

"Not sure what I'm looking at here. I was sitting at a stoplight 10 minutes ago, saw the swirly camo, and knew it was something in testing. I only had time to snap one good picture. Attached is the full size pic as well as a cropped and zoomed version of the same pic. I took this as they were getting off southbound highway 101 in Windsor, CA".

So we know it's crossover or an SUV likely in the compact segment, but can you tell us the make and model after you check out the pictures that follow?

Thanks to Daryl for the Scoop!

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