Thursday, August 8, 2013

Deer Knocks Lada and Sends it on a Violent Rollover

This video should serve as a warning that, as careful as one may be behind the wheel, you never know what can go wrong and like it or not, you need to come to terms with the realization that some things / situations are completely out of your hands.

If you pay close attention to the dash-cam footage provided from a following vehicle, you will see what is said and looks to be a deer (we wouldn't completely rule out the moose theory, though) ramming the grey VAZ-2114 (Lada Samara for export markets) from the side and causing it to slide into a ditch, which in turn, sent the car into a vicious rollover.

The fact that the road was wet and slipper certainly played a role, but the true damage was caused by the ditch. If we are to believe the author of the video (and we certainly do want to), the driver and passengers of the car came out alive from the crash.

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