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Saturday, April 28, 2012

BMW Returns to DTM After 20-Year Absence – Video


BMW will return to Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters (DTM) after an almost 20-year absence. To celebrate the occasion, which will occur this weekend, the automaker release a video showing its awesome car running around a track with dramatic music in the background.

Based out of Germany, the series will pit BMW against its main competitors: Audi and Mercedes-Benz. Six M3 DTMs will compete in the series in an effort to further bolster the automaker’s record, which includes 49 wins, 30 pole positions and three drivers’ titles.

The car seen in the video below uses a 4.0-liter V8 that makes 473 hp and 369 lb-ft of torque through a six-speed sequential transmission to sprint from 0-60 mph in about three seconds.

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Tool of the Month: We Have a Winner!

As if it wasn't bad enough that the owner of this Toyota Camry sedan parked the car illegally at the end of a crosswalk, thus forcing pedestrians to stand inside the road, the driver proves to be an even bigger tool by backing into a kid returning from school who was waiting to cross the street!

Head past the break to watch the video.

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Honda Dreams its Future Through its Past in New JDM Spot

A new Japanese commercial from Honda's corporate division attempts to show the passionate and innovative side of the company by displaying several products from its past, mainly focusing on cars but also including motorcycles and even agricultural machinery.

The advert's title loosely translates to "We won't be beaten". You can watch it for yourself in the video right past the break.

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Shut Up and Drive Races a 2013 Lexus GS F Sport on a Closed-Off Highway


In its premiere episode, Speed's new television show "Shut up and Drive!" with hosts Justin Bell and Townsend Bell took the brand new 2013 Lexus GS F Sport out to Northern Oregon’s twisty Rowena Loops.

After closing a section of the public highway, the two men battled it out in the new Lexus sedan that sports a 306-horsepower 3.5-liter V6 and select chassis upgrades in F Sport guise.

Overall, the show was much better than what we originally anticipated, but then again, we were not expecting much to begin with.

Make your way over the break to watch it for yourself in the video that follows.

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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Tour Pagani's Modena Factory and Meet its Huayra Supercar

There is a lot of magic going on behind the closed doors of one of the newest and most exclusive supercar makers in the world.

In the latest episode of Drive, JF Musial offers us a unique inside look at Pagani by touring the company's Modena factory and interviewing the brand's founder Horacio Pagani, while he also took a ride in its latest and most exotic creation, the Huayra.

You can get a taste of the Pagani magic in the video right after the break.

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SUV Caught on Camera Flying Off a Parking Lot Deck in Turkey

A Turkish driver had the ride of his life when he tried to give way to a passing car at a parking lot in the city of Istanbul.

According to local news reports, the driver of the SUV applied to much pressure on the gas pedal and as a result, he went flying off the parking lot deck crashing onto an adjacent building before landing on the ground. Luckily, the man suffered only minor injuries.

The incident was captured on film by a security camera. You can watch the video after the break.

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New McLaren F1 spies


Our spies have caught the new 800bhp V8-powered McLaren F1 hypercar testing

We caught this McLaren prototype undergoing testing in Germany – and it could be the much-rumoured hypercar replacement for the original F1.

These are the first pictures of the new ‘Enzo’ and Porsche 918 Spyder rival, which will sit way above the MP4-12C.

It looks like the MP4-12C, but our photographer was alerted by the heavy disguise at the rear. You can see the rear overhang is shorter, the roofline drops down more sharply – like a jet fighter canopy – and the rear wings are more curved, without the MP4-12C’s high tail. The biggest hint, though, is the huge single centre exit exhaust system.

The new F1 is rumoured to feature a 3.8-litre twin-turbocharged V8 with an F1-style kinetic energy recovery system (KERS), to give up to 800bhp. The KERS boost is likely to be accessed by a ‘push-to-pass’-style button on the steering wheel. The car is set to be revealed later this year, and will cost around £700,000.

Before then, McLaren will launch an open-top MP4-12C Spider.

Photos: via autoexpress


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How to Make the Best of a Flooded Road…Russian Style

While one driver was being a gentleman in St. Petersburg, Russia, by helping a woman cross a flooded road, another driver and his friend were partying it out by ski-boarding on the still waters, which would have been cool if they had not blasted water into the aforementioned driver's parked car…

Hop over the break to watch the clip.

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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Watch a Drunk Driver Narrowly Miss Several Oncoming Cars Before Ending up on a Tree

Despite public awareness about the dangers of drinking and driving, some people simply refuse to apprehend and continue to sit behind the wheel of their car after consuming large quantities of alcohol.

Just watch this driver, who was filmed by a passenger of a vehicle following from behind, swerve all over the road endangering the lives of many people. Fortunately, the only collision that occurred in this incident involved the drunk driver's vehicle and a tree.

Head on after the break to watch the video footage.

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Jaguar Presents New Flagship XJ Ultimate Edition Series at the Beijing Show [Video]

Described by Jaguar as the "pinnacle" of its XJ series, the new Ultimate Edition that was revealed at this week's Auto China 2012 in Beijing takes its place as the top offering in the saloon model's line-up.

The flagship XJ model is based exclusively on the long-wheelbase version and will be the first to be offered with Jaguar's new 3.0-litre V6 supercharged petrol engine producing 335hp (340PS).

The car can also be specified with Jaguar’s existing 5.0-litre V8 supercharged petrol engine, and its 3.0-litre V6 turbocharged diesel, with all engines linked to eight-speed automatic transmissions.

Most of the changes to the Ultimate Edition concern the rear passenger compartment that gets a full-length, leather-trimmed center console separating the two individually tailored seats, which feature power adjustment, ventilation, massage and lumbar functions.

A solid aluminum table with piano-black and chrome detailing rises up from the console at the touch of a button providing a working space, while the rear passengers also get two third-generation iPads with wireless keyboards housed in bespoke leather-trimmed docks in the rear of the front seats.

If pleasure is the name of the game, there's a bespoke champagne chiller mounted between the two rear seats, while an entertainment package with twin headrest screens and wireless headphones completes the experience in combination with a new 20-speaker surround sound system developed by British audio experts Meridian.

On the outside, the changes are more discreet and are limited to the new chromed lower air intakes on the front bumper, the polished stainless steel oval exhaust pipe finishers, unique alloy wheels and subtle ‘Ultimate’ badging.

Jaguar says it has also retuned the suspension to improve comfort for the rear passengers.



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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Lada Driver Loses it when he Finds a Chevrolet Aveo Blocking his Parking Space

One of the most annoying experiences for a motorist is when another vehicle blocks your car, and as we recently saw in Greece when peeved drivers overturned an Audi A3 hatch, this can often lead to violent actions.

In the following incident that was filmed by a resident from a nearby house, the driver of a classic Lada saloon found his car blocked by an illegally parked Chevrolet Aveo Sedan.

The man evidently tried to call the owner, then headed over to the adjacent building to see if the driver was inside visiting someone, and even started shaking the Aveo to set off the alarm, but to no avail. So he then decided to take matters in his own hands. See what happened next in the clip after the break.

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Monday, April 23, 2012

Land Rover Evoque Victoria Beckham Special Edition is One Posh Ride [Video]


The latest Land Rover Evoque “Special Edition with Victoria Beckham” seems to possess all the right ingredients to become a proper special edition vehicle. The former “Posh Spice” member of the wildly successful Brit pop girl group Spice Girls, a stand-out BFA award-winning fashion designer, and wife of international soccer star David Beckham, Victoria has worked closely with the British Automaker in developing the latest model.

In its latest Victoria Beckham special edition offering, the Evoque features what Victoria described as a “masculine” treatment. Describing her progress, Victoria Beckham explained, “When I first started working with the team I did a lot of research, and created mood boards to show the team my love of timeless and classic design. I looked at yachts, luxury jets and classic cars.”

The result is an exterior painted in a stealthy matte gray color scheme accented with a glossy black roof and trim pieces. The 20-inch wheels are black as well, each wearing 245/45 rubber, exclusive to this particular edition Evoque. Lending a softer “Posh” touch, Victoria sprinkled rose-gold accents, painted onto the wheels and plated to additional trim pieces inside and out.

As for the special Evoque’s interior, Victoria Beckham chose “vintage tan” semi-aniline leathers , finishing the seats with baseball stitching a composition that gets Mrs. Beckham to remember her family’s time in California. What’s more, Victoria also chose Mohair Carpets similar to those found in her father’s Rolls-Royce. Finally, no special edition is complete without a bespoke four-piece luggage set to go with the vehicle.

Mechanically untouched, the Evoque Special Edition with Victoria Beckham offers the same turbocharged 2.0-liter inline four engine producing 240-hp. Land Rover has decided not to tack on a bespoke “Special Edition with Victoria Beckham” badge onto the Evoque either, as a long and clumsy moniker won’t do the car any favors anyway. Instead, the limited examples will be distinguished by Beckham’s signature found inside the leather folder for the Evoque owner’s manual.

Only 200 examples of “Special Edition with Victoria Beckham” will be produced, beginning sales in the Chinese market first. Prices start at £80,000 to £90,000, or $130,000 to $145,000 after currency exchange. While a 200 percent mark up over a standard Evoque may seem outrageous, no price is too high for the well-heeled.

Check out the Evoque “Special Edition with Victoria Beckham” promo video below:

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How to Buy a Used Car


Taking your time and researching can reap big rewards when it comes to purchasing pre-owned vehicles.

To some, the very notion of purchasing a used car can send them running for the hills, but as with anything else, provided you do your homework, the vehicle you choose can save you thousands of dollars over that new one in the showroom, without proving to be a money pit.


Depending on the age and type of vehicle you’re looking for, you might be presented with just a handful of examples (if it’s a special interest or classic), or up to literally thousands if it’s a late-model used car or truck.

Regardless of which machine you’ve got in mind, it pays to follow the same principles when you begin your quest.

First, research the car you’re looking for in terms of features, options and price. If you can, read owner surveys about this particular model and make note of any problems that seem to surface. Also remember to stick to a budget, but be realistic. You’re not going to find a nice Ferrari for 10 grand but still, provided you take your time, you might be surprised at what comes along.

Once you’ve got the vehicle and budget set aside, it’s time to begin your search. The internet offers almost limitless choice when it comes to car shopping, though generally when it’s time to buy, private sellers and small, independent dealers, particularly those in more rural areas often offer better cars and lower prices than most big franchise dealers. Public auctions can sometimes net good buys, though very often, the worst of the worst cars; theft recoveries, accident victims and high mileage fleet vehicles end up there. Unless you’ve got a lot of experience buying cars at auction, these events are best avoided. Go by the old rule of thumb; if something seems too good to be true it usually is.

In terms of figuring out what to pay, arm yourself with what similar cars go for. Often a good way to do this is via the Manheim Market Report. It’s not generally available to consumers, but if you’re planning to take out a loan to fund the purchase anyway, your local bank and credit union can often help by printing out part of the report, which lists wholesale transactions for cars similar to the one you’re considering (it’s a better route than Kelley Blue Book or NADA price guides).

When you’ve found a car you like, be sure to get the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). In most cases if you’re courteous and come across as a serious buyer, the vendor will be happy to oblige. If they aren’t, then they’re probably hiding something, so consider looking elsewhere.

Once you’re armed with the VIN, run it through a vehicle history site like Carfax or Autocheck. These sites normally charge a small fee, but by using them you’ll likely detect whether the vehicle was involved in an accident, stolen, rebuilt or has any other issues.  In general, performance cars are most likely to be thrashed, crashed or stolen compared to regular cars, so make sure you check thoroughly if you’re looking at performance car.

While these sites provide a lot of information, you should also research the vehicle’s individual history. For example, was it subjected to scheduled and regular maintenance? Are there any liens against it? Were there any technical service bulletins or recalls issued for it? The original dealership where the car was sold (usually listed on the Carfax report) can often help, and although they can’t actually print out a maintenance schedule they can tell you verbally. In some cases, (though it’s far more common in Europe) you might get a full service history with the vehicle, including stamps for all maintenance in the owner’s logbook along with receipts for repairs. Finding this means the owner is likely meticulous and the vehicle is probably a good buy.


Next you need to figure out exactly what the vehicle is like, so schedule an appointment to examine it and take a test drive. Make sure you do it during daylight hours (night can hide a multitude of sins) and that you have plenty of time set aside.

You should first examine the condition of the body. Check for signs of accident repairs, misaligned panels, signs of poorly matched colors, orange peel, runs in the paint and overspray around trim. If you find any of those, then chances are the vehicle has been in an accident and poorly repaired. If you live in a northern climate also make sure you check for signs of rust. Bubbles around the wheel lips, the bottom of the doors or windows can often hint at much further damage beneath.

You should also ask the seller to jack the car up or drive it on ramps so you can see underneath. Rust can cause structural issues, so if you find holes in the bulkhead, floor pan, or around the suspension mounts or exhaust components, the car might be a rolling safety hazard. Checking underneath is also a good idea when looking for accident damage which could be concealed from above, look for bent frame rails or joints in the floor pan, which could mean the car is actually two different vehicles welded together.

Next, check the tires for wear, especially in the front. You can do this by cranking the steering wheel from side to side. If you find uneven wear marks, at the very least the vehicle will need an alignment, at worst it could mean it was in a major accident and poorly repaired.

Pop the hood and examine the engine. If the car is parked on a lot or driveway and the engine is warm, ask the seller why. Sometimes a ‘hot’ motor might be hiding a potential cold start issue like a flat battery, clogged fuel system or excessive valve knock. Check the condition of the belts and hoses thoroughly; any swollen hoses or cracked belts will need to be replaced.

Examine the fluids. The engine oil should be almost clear or light brown in color, if it’s black then it hasn’t been changed for some time and it’s best to move on. If it’s milky then it’s been contaminated by antifreeze, which often means major engine problems.

Check the anti-freeze level to make sure it isn’t too low – sometimes that can mean a cracked engine block or blown gasket. Pop off the oil cap on the cam or rocker cover of the engine and examine the inside, if there’s a slushy type residue, it can often mean a blown head gasket and unless you’re doing it yourself, major costs in terms of repairs.

If the car has an automatic transmission check the fluid, it should be red in color. Brown means it’s old and the trans has probably been neglected. Any signs of metallic shavings on the trans fluid dipstick will indicate excessive wear inside the transmission and likely major repairs.

Open and close the doors, hood and trunklid. If they don’t seem to close easily, then chances are the vehicle has been repaired. Look for signs of dampness in the trunk and interior, particularly on the floors, which can mean water leaks and potential rust problems, often caused by poor accident repairs. If the car has a sunroof, leaves can sometimes get blocked in the drain channels, causing water to seep in elsewhere.

Dirty interiors with stained and, or ripped seats, plus carpets covered in garbage can often be an eyesore, though in many cases aren’t always as bad as they first look. On late-model cars most interior pieces such as upholstery and door panels can be easily replaced, on older vehicles and classics that’s not always the case, so bear this in mind.

Take your place in the driver’s seat. If the cushion feels like it’s sagging but the mileage on the odometer doesn’t bear this out, chances are the car has been clocked. If that’s the case, walk away.

Start the engine and listen to it run. It should be smooth and quiet at idle. If there’s anything beyond a slight lifter noise at start up when cold, such as a knock, chances are it’s in need of a rebuild. Look for signs of smoke on start up, black smoke means a rich condition, which can eventually damage the cylinders, blue means worn valve guides (often a result of high mileage combined with a lack of regular oil changes), white smoke means coolant issues.

If everything looks good at this point, it’s time to hit the road. Try and find a variety of road conditions, city street; open road and boulevard or highway. If the engine feels sluggish under acceleration or stumbles, then there’s likely to be an electrical or fuel system problem, though it could be due to a lack of regular servicing and tune ups. See how the transmission operates, on a manual car make sure the clutch is nice and tight and you can change gears without grinding. A burning smell and hard shifting usually spells a worn clutch. On automatics, the transmission should shift smoothly between gears, if it’s slipping or doesn’t want to go into gear, then it needs attention.

Check the steering; it should be fairly direct. If the car wants to pull to one side then it will need an alignment, which could hint at possible front-end accident damage. Excessive play can mean worn tie-rod ends or a steering linkage, if that’s the case it needs to be fixed before the car can be driven which can cost hundreds of dollars.

In terms of ride, if the vehicle seems to pitch and wallow over bumps, then the struts and shocks are worn and will need replacing. On most modern cars, this is a fairly labor intensive process and can get expensive, especially if a shop does the work.

The brakes should feel reasonably progressive, if the pedal is stiff or spongy, there might be leaks in the system or problems with the master cylinder. If the car pulls to one side under braking, a sticking caliper is often the culprit. If the vendor has neglected the brake system on the vehicle you have to wonder what else is wrong with it and its probably best to move on.


If up to this point, you’re satisfied with everything, then it’s time to take your potential purchase to your mechanic. As a rule of thumb, certified mechanics that run their own independent repair shops are often the best source. If you don’t know a good one, ask your friends or family. Word of mouth is often the best way good mechanics advertise their services. Once you have and the seller has let you take the vehicle to the shop, then treat the mechanic with respect and let them do the job.

Most will charge a set fee and provide a report upon completion. If everything appears to be in good order, perhaps with only regular servicing required, it’s time to make an offer.


Sellers with nothing to hide will often be asking reasonable prices, so don’t try and beat them down senselessly, it’s insulting. Would you want somebody do the same to you?

That said; there’s always a bit of room for negotiation. If the vehicle is one you really want and in need of repairs other than regular maintenance, factor that into your offer price. In addition, if you’ve traveled a long way and the vehicle isn’t licensed or insured for the road but you still want it, factor in the cost of transporting it home.

In some cases if the seller thinks the price for repairs is too high, ask them if they know a mechanic who can perform the work for less, sometimes it can work out better for both parties, it’s not uncommon for the buyer and seller to split repair costs. In some cases the buyer can get a better deal on service and warranty from the seller’s mechanic.

If the seller refuses to budge on the original asking price, walk away. Remember there will always be another day and another car to look at.

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It's a Bad Idea to Not Look when You're Crossing the Road…

Regardless of who has the right of way, it is very important for both pedestrians and motorists to be watchful at all times. In this occasion, while the ambulance was definitely speeding, on the other hand, the woman didn't even look before she tried to cross the road.

Lucky for her, the ambulance driver saw her at the last second and managed to bring the van to a twisty stop only inches away from the woman. Head past the break to watch the video.

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Nissan Teases All-New 2013 Sentra Sedan, to be Unveiled this Summer


Nissan will mark the Sentra nameplate's 30th anniversary in the States with the presentation of an all-new model that will be unveiled later this summer with sales to start across the country in the fall.

The new Sentra will be based on a new global sedan that is making its world premiere at this week's Auto China 2012 in Beijing. The Chinese market version of the compact sedan is named Sylphy.

"Sentra is the third of five all-new core models we'll be introducing in a 15-month product onslaught," said Nissan North America's senior vice president for sales and marketing.

"The all-new Altima goes on sale this summer and will be followed closely by the all-new Pathfinder and Sentra. And when the next two new models launch in 2013, we will have refreshed 75 percent of our volume, rewarding our loyal owners and attracting new customers into Nissan showrooms," he added.

Along with the announcement, the Japanese automaker released a teaser video clip and images of the seventh generation of the U.S. market Sentra that you can check out after the break.

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Skoda MissionL to be Named Rapid in Europe, will go on Sale Before the End of the Year


The production version of the Skoda MissionL sedan will be called the Rapid in Europe, the Czech automaker revealed today at the 2012 Beijing Motor Show where it is displaying a lightly modified version of the concept model for the Chinese market.

Even though they share the same name, the compact-sized notchback is a different model from the smaller India-market Rapid sedan that is based on the VW Polo saloon.

Positioned between the Fabia supermini and the mid-size Octavia, the new Rapid will reach European showrooms just before the end of the year. Skoda said that a Chinese version of the Rapid will be built and sold in China from 2013.

"As part of its growth strategy, Skoda has initiated the largest model offensive in its corporate history and will bring a new vehicle to market every six months on average in the years ahead,” said Skoda boss Winfried Vahland. “The Rapid is our next new model. It has a central importance for our growth and will provide us with a strong tailwind on international markets,” he added.

The MissionL was unveiled for the first time at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September last year.

The Volkswagen Group's Seat brand will also produce its own version of the Rapid called the Toledo.


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