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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Pretty Alfa Romeo Zagato Junior on eBay for $35,000

The attraction towards classic cars has a lot to do with their looks. Those looking for an old car with sweet curves and thin wooden steering wheel have a wide variety of vehicles to choose from, but usually, Italian classics are at the top of the desirability list. Sure, they were never renowned for good electrics or particularly good reliability, but for some, those aspects don’t matter at all when the car looks as pretty as this Alfa Romeo Zagato Junior.

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Deer Knocks Lada and Sends it on a Violent Rollover

This video should serve as a warning that, as careful as one may be behind the wheel, you never know what can go wrong and like it or not, you need to come to terms with the realization that some things / situations are completely out of your hands.
If you pay close attention to the dash-cam footage provided from a following vehicle, you will see what is said and looks to be a deer (we wouldn't completely rule out the moose theory, though) ramming the grey VAZ-2114 (Lada Samara for export markets) from the side and causing it to slide into a ditch, which in turn, sent the car into a vicious rollover.

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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Mazda's Next-Generation RX-Series Coupe

When the word rotary is mentioned to any car enthusiast, you can always guarantee that their first thoughts will conjure up memories of Wankel-powered sports cars from Mazda's past.

Since the Cosmo Sport was launched in 1967, the Mazda rotary has amassed an huge following of loyal owners and admirers. Praised for their unique design, smooth operation and trademark rotary engine note, it's an engine configuration that stood out from the competition and formed the bases for the legendary RX series of performance vehicles.

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Honda to Debut Civic Facelift Alongside New Tourer and NSX Study at Frankfurt Motor Show

We were already aware of Honda's intentions to host the world premiere of the production Civic Tourer at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September, but today, the Japanese brand told us that it would also debut the facelifted version of the European market Civic hatchback.

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Opel Releases Second Teaser Image of the Monza Concept, Reminds Us of Past Frankfurt Studies

The Frankfurt Motor Show (September 12-22) is quickly approaching and automakers are starting to uncover their premieres to be displayed at Europe’s largest car show.

Opel has confirmed the Monza Concept for Frankfurt, a coupe whose face we’re already familiar with. Now, the German carmaker released a second teaser image of the car showing the front end once again, although this time it has been more generous with the lighting.

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BMW Details Production i8 Plug-in Hybrid Coupe Ahead of Frankfurt Debut, Aims at Porsche 911

Next month's Frankfurt Motor Show will see BMW's new "i" sub-brand debuting not one, but its two first series production cars , the i3 electric hatchback that goes on sale this fall and which we've already seen, and the more hotly-anticipated i8 plug-in hybrid sports coupe that will arrive in dealerships worldwide during 2014.

BMW isn't quite ready yet to uncover the interior and exterior styling of the i8 2+2 seater coupe, simply releasing photos of a camouflaged pre-production tester, but it is ready to share initial information and specifications.

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Toyota to Debut New Hybrid R Sports Concept at the Frankfurt Show

Like many other major players in the industry, Toyota will also offer us a glimpse into the future with one or perhaps even more concept models at next month's Frankfurt International Motor Show in Germany. Today we learned that one of those studies will be the Hybrid R Concept.

"At the forthcoming 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show, Toyota will present an exciting new concept that brings Toyota Hybrid System-Racing technology to the road (and track)," reads the Japanese firm's statement that's accompanied by a picture of the Hybrid R logo, but nothing more.

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