Thursday, March 15, 2012

Fiat Airs Brand New "Baby" Commercial for the 500 in the States

The Fiat is slowly giving up commonplace Jennifer Lopez ads for its 500 city car and heading sexiest spots and cheekier as much success "Seduction" music video featuring Catrinel Menghia with some 8.3 million views Fiat Youtube channel and "house arrest" with Charlie Sheen and Catrinel Menghia which generated nearly 1.8 million page views in two weeks.

Coinciding with the start of broadcast of "House Arrest" tonight on local TV stations and national cable channels as well, is another new commercial for the 500 called "Baby".

The new 30-second ad shows two young men in the front seats and a little boy in the back by pulling a 1967 Imperial, when the toddler joined his fingers in the traditional Italian and said something to the driver dizzy.

The following video after the break.

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