Thursday, April 12, 2012

Moscow Man Tries to Drive Nissan Through a Train Crossing for Pedestrians…


Today, your daily dose of Russian madness comes courtesy of a stubborn driver of a Nissan Teana sedan (loosely related to the older generation Maxima) who for some reason was hell bent to drive over a pedestrian crossing on a train track in Moscow.

Not surprisingly, the car got stuck on the train tracks and being front wheel drive, he couldn't pedal his way out of this situation. Some by-passers quickly came out to help push the Teana back but as soon as they heard the train approaching they left him to watch the disaster that was bound to happen.

Fortunately, the train crashed right through the car and continued its way without hurting any passengers. According to Russia's Life News, the driver and his passenger took off the (foreign) license plates from the car and fled the scene.

Source: Carscoop

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