Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Vietnam Cop Holds on to Bus' Windshield Wipers as Driver Tries to Escape Ticket!

We have heard many strange stories about police officers and drivers that try to avoid tickets, but what took place in Hanoi, Vietnam, this past Monday, surely takes the cake.

The man you see hanging on to the windshield wipers of a bus is not the local version of Spiderman but a very devoted Hanoi cop.

According to local news site Dantri, police officer Phan Nguyen Manh stopped the driver of the passenger bus, Phung Hong Phuong, in the Ba Vi District for a traffic violation. However, the bus driver refused to show his license and papers and instead chose to drive away, at which point, Manh jumped in front of the vehicle!

This did not deter the bus driver one bit who tried to flee with Manh hanging onto the windshield wipers! The police report said that the driver continued for almost a kilometer (0.6 miles) reaching speeds of up to 50km/h (31mph) before he gave up and was arrested.

The scene with the cop clinging onto the wipers of the bus was captured on film by a by-passer. You can watch for yourself in the video that follows below.

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