Monday, April 2, 2012

Woman Crashes, Forgets to Turn Off the Car, it Rolls and Crashes Again!

You'll probably lose count of the number of fails or wrongs - take it any way you want, seen in this video.

For starters, the driver wasn't wearing a seatbelt – the worst mistake anyone can do behind the wheel- and as a result, she banged her head on the roof when she crashed. But there's more...

Once the accident was over, instead of turning off the car and securing it by lifting the handbrake, she sprung out of the vehicle like a 'Jack in the Box' to confront the other driver. And guess what happens next?

The car immediately begins to roll and she doesn't even attempt to jump in to stop it but simply closes the door and watches it crash again under the soothing sounds of her radio!

We're not sure what kind of transmission the car had, but it is possible for both automatic and manual gearbox models to roll if you don't turn off the engine, put it in gear or in Park (auto) and lift the handbrake.

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