Friday, February 1, 2013

This Man Took Delivery of the Last U.S.-Bound Lexus LFA

Production of the Lexus LFA ended on December 14, 2012, with the roll out of the 500th and last example of the luxury firm's first-ever supercar model at its dedicated Motomachi production facility in Japan.

However, Lexus is still delivering LFAs to their respective owners with No.499 being the last car destined for the United States.

With a price tag nearing $400,000, it's only natural that Lexus would organize a special, private ceremony to hand over the car to its lucky new owner, Roy Mallady, at the Toyota USA Automobile Museum in Torrance, California.

Wearing a chic blazer with the car's name on it, Mallady cut the cake that Lexus had prepared for him and then jumped into his new toy that's finished in a Steel Gray paint-job with a black carbon and red leather interior.

Photo Credits: Lexus

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