Monday, January 14, 2013

Color Me White: Tesla Displays Slightly Updated Model X Prototype at Detroit Motor Show

Tesla’s second model after the Model S all-electric saloon will be the Model X crossover, which was on display at the automaker’s stand at the Detroit Motor Show.

Although we’ll have to wait for the automaker’s press conference to find out more about the seven-seater electric SUV that's based on the chassis and running gear of the Model S, the only visible exterior difference to the prototype that was launched last year is the white, instead of silver, paint and the alloy wheels’ design.

It’s only once you’ve opened the gullwing-like doors, or “falcon wings” in Tesla-talk, and step inside that you notice the updated materials and the XL-sized touch screen that, instead of being integrated in the center console like on the Model S, is placed higher and closer to the steering wheel.

We’ll have all the details on Tesla’s plans tomorrow but, in the meantime, you can scroll down for a Detroit show image gallery of both the Model X prototype and the Model S.

By Andrew Tsaousis
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