Sunday, January 13, 2013

Actor Danny Glover Joins Activists in Protesting Against Nissan at the Detroit Show

He might be 66 years old but, apparently, he ain’t "too old for this s**t". Actor Danny Glover will join community leaders from the state of Mississippi who will come to Detroit on Monday, January 14, the opening press day at the 2013 North American International Auto Show, to protest against Nissan.

The actor, who is also an activist since attending university, and the rest of the protesters are renouncing the Japanese carmaker’s treatment of its workers at its Canton Vehicle Assembly plant as “unfair”.

“With Nissan, you have to look beneath the shine”, said Reverend Isiac Jackson, president of the General Missionary Baptist State Convention of Mississsippi in a statement last Friday. “Nissan builds great vehicles, but the company should respect the rights and dignity of its workforce”.

UAW President Bob King welcomed his new allies in the union’s efforts to organize workers in Nissan’s U.S. facilities: “The UAW is glad to have a partner organization that is standing up for Nissan workers… Workers have had to endure months of meetings during work time where they only hear the employer’s anti-union views.”

Nissan spokesperson David Reuter responded that the allegations of “unfair” treatment are unfounded and the workers at the Mississippi plant, which has been chosen to build the next-generation of the Murano crossover, are amongst the highest-paid workers in the state.

“Nissan employees have voted overwhelmingly in the past to reject union representation”, said Reuter, “and just as with past efforts, the UAW’s current campaign has received little interest among employees.”

By Andrew Tsaousis
Story References: Detroit News
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